The Side Patio Project

Off to one side of my house is a two level patio. It has unfortunately been a neglected area of our home, only because we don’t have to exit that way so somehow it gets lost in the cleaning and maintenance routines. It has about 10 pines that surround it and is a bit of a maintenance nightmare- pine needle galore!

Up until very recently it has been a very private area of our home. Probably another reason why it has been neglected! Someone bought the large lot next door and decided to build very close to our property line. So when all of the greenery dies back for the winter, it is going to feel like we have someones house on our patio! So what has been an area of dreamy projects and messy corners has now become a priority project!

This is our checklist of must haves for the space:

  1. A fenced in area for our dog to roam
  2. A privacy wall for the winter months when there is no green fence
  3. A fireplace and pizza oven
  4. A decorative paint treatment for the concrete slabs
  5. Plenty of seating for dinner parties or just lounging around
  6. A built-in grill with concrete countertops
  7. A pergola over the lower concrete slab

I have a lot of ¬†ideas about what I want. I’m not sure which ones yet are feasible. I have been searching Pinterest for a long time now finding little tidbits of inspiration in photos. Here are a few:

I want a pergola to provide some shade and visual interest. Something like this with vines growing up the posts:

Source: Pinterest

We definitely want a pizza oven or a large fireplace. Or maybe a combination of both?



We have concrete slabs that are in decent shape, but cracking a bit. Pea gravel came to mind as an option, but as we were cleaning pine needles this weekend I knew that gravel won’t work. I know I don’t want a brick patio. So the next option in my mind is stenciling the concrete. I wish I could do a cement tile but I don’t know how well they would hold up with the constant debris from the trees. So paint seems like the next best thing- it wouldn’t be a huge financial commitment and it is easily cleaned and reapplied.¬†I saw this photo on Pinterest from an older issue of Domino Magazine. I love the black and white diamonds. It is timeless and classy. But maybe a bit to traditional?

Domino Magazine circa 2008
Source is Pinterest, original source unknown

I love a more modern look too, like a geometric pattern or cement tile look-a-like. But is this to modern for our home?


I also love the idea of a built-in grill with countertop space. Rocky and I saw a patio in a model home we toured and I snapped a few pictures. I love the shelves of potted succulents as well, which could work great for privacy.





I hope that all of these pictures have inspired you……. now I would like to welcome you to reality.

Please be kind….


Somewhere nestled in this greenery I would like to put a privacy wall. This is where the new house will be most obvious. You can already see a dumpster and the new driveway in the distance.

I envision the privacy fence being a horizontal slatted wall to match our deck railing and carport.






I can’t wait to get this project going. I know it is going to be an amazing space!


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