Reminiscing: The Best and Worst of Craigslist

If any of you know me you know I have a serious problem with decor. I cannot keep anything for any extended period of time. I will wake up in the morning feeling this deep urgency to purge everything in my house.

What this usually means is that I snap some pictures then get to posting on Craigslist. I have to admit that Craigslist has been good to me. Very good.

Do you see this sofa?

DSCF2385 (1) 2

Yes, it is from Design Within Reach.

DSCF2380 (1) 2

Yes, it was in perfect condition.

DSCF2389 (1) 2

Yes, I paid $350 for it. You read that right.

When I found this beauty on Craigslist we were currently living on this single sofa (pictured below) from Ikea that I got as a High School graduation gift from my parents. I might add that this little sofa was the best. She lived a long happy life with us!


But this DWR couch……..It was so gorgeous. It was exactly what I hoped for. How could it possibly be $350? Exactly how much cat pee and cigarette smoke was on it?

As we drove to the home in a highly prestigious neighborhood to pick it up, I got more and more excited. Still very suspicious but excited none the less!

So when we saw it I acted like they were asking way to much because that is what you do on Craigslist. Then I begrudgingly agreed to buy it and handed her the whopping $350. As she counted she said “the couch is $1,350 not $350”. Before I could even respond her husband, from a window, poked his head out and said “I changed it to $350” then he disappeared. I assume to a hiding place where he still is to this day.

So we loaded that baby up and got home ASAP.

It was glorious!

At the time we had one child and two dogs. The couch didn’t stand a chance. It was a dry clean only slipcover that stained if you looked at it. We had it about 6 months before I, once again, decided to sell. I asked $1,350 for it. Almost immediately it was on a truck headed to LA.

That was my biggest score from Craigslist. It was an easy $1,000. However I still miss that sofa. I would still be happy to have it in my home.

All of my Craigslist experiences haven’t been as lucrative. Most of them have a crazy story however. Why are people so weird?

Enter the Craigslist crazies……..

I was selling another sofa one day (we have been through a lot of sofas) and a young man came to look. He was a big guy. Seemed clean, not weird. He politely asked to sit down and give it “a try”. Absolutely! Then he sat down, took off his shoes, fluffed the pillows and settled in for a nap. A nap! My son who was about 2 years old at the time saw it all happen and asked me “should I get him a beer?”

No son, no beer.

Turns out that guy bought it, he kinda had to at that point. It really was a perfect nap with a beer sort of couch. It was also my secret weapon to make any baby fall asleep.


I had people unzip cushions and sniff this couch. Odd.

DSCF2377 (1)

People tried to break things just to get the price down, for example these barstools. Rude.

DSCF3032 (1)

But overall, I always come back to Craigslist. I probably always will. You never know what gem you are going to find.


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