The Struggle for Authenticity

My kids have both been sick through this recent winter break. Many hours have been spent with feverish babes laying all over me watching the latest pixar sensation on repeat. I admit…it isn’t the best case scenario, but when they are sick I do what I can to keep them calm and resting. With sick kid in lap I have ended up spending more time that I would like diving into the rabbit hole known as Instagram and pinning away…obsessing over what amazing projects I am going to embark on next.

This has been a re-occurring theme in my life since these social media outlets started the era of the perfect “pinterest” home…Or should I say effortlessly casual home that actually takes a lot of effort to achieve! It left me feeling kind of desperate to change everything. So there I went, listing half of my furniture on craigslist and Offerup. Followed by me spending hours browsing online for the next pieces of furniture I was going to buy… or make… when I find an extra forty hours in my week. All of this ultimately made me feel frustrated and incapable of moving forward.

Family Room Inspiration – Source Here

What I found annoying was my internal conversation trying to convince myself to like what is currently popular. It is as if you see something often enough on pinterest and instagram you will eventually start to like it. Will I actually like it? Or will I buy it and realize in six months that it was a passing fad that I fell into.

As I was sitting there, essentially trying to make myself buy that Kilim rug because “it looks so good” in the inspiration picture, it donned on me that I don’t actually like Kilim rugs, or macrame wall hangings all that much… In my head I was falling into the trap of buying into what everyone was selling. Kind of like Shiplap…Don’t get me wrong, shiplap is beautiful and has a place. I just don’t think that place is in my current house.

kilim rug.jpg
Gorgeous Kilim Rug…just maybe not for me – Source Here

If you are wondering why any of this matters…frankly…it doesn’t. I just had this epiphany where I realized how easy it is to be influenced by what is trending and popular. There will always be things I love…the things that I have collected since I was a kid. For example…my rock and mineral collection is growing strong again…it is weird and beautiful and I pretty much love looking at them around my house. I was pretty excited a few years ago when they became popular to use in decor again. Then I started noticing shops on Instagram like Sandra @vintaushop who sells Gorgeous pairings of rocks and minerals on frames and it reignited my passion for displaying mine. It is very likely I will never get over a beautiful rock collection.

geode image
Loving the Geodes in this picture – Source here
pinterest image
The combo of natural wood and the amethyst lamp -Source here

It is funny to see how that simple obsession from childhood has influenced so many of my material choices during renovations. Down to the quartzite countertops in my kitchen and the marble tiles in my bathroom… and I love looking at them everyday!

My other love is walnut and other natural woods. I have spent years learning the art of wood working…not always successfully…and find that I instantly gravitate towards beautiful wood cabinetry. I love it so much that we ended up installing walnut live edge shelves in our current kitchen. They are definitely one of my favorite parts about the whole room.

A little bit of walnut everywhere in my current kitchen

Then I stumbled across this article by Jessica of House Inhabit and it just rang so true to the feelings I was already having. She just puts everything so much more eloquently than I do 🙂 Check out her blog and Instagram for some major inspiration.

Coming full circle…I guess the realization just hit me that I needed to stick to what I love, shop the items in my house that have always brought me joy and incorporate these things throughout. There will always be a new hot thing to have…but for me…sticking to the basics will bring me joy for years to come. So that is all I have…deep thoughts while taking care of sick kiddos.


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