My 2018 Projects, Goals, And Dreams


What will I get accomplished this year?

I have some projects that need attention. I have some goals. I have a few dreamy things I would like to do too.Lets start with the realistic projects that need done. These aren’t particularly fun. They are not out of want, but true necessity! Here it goes:

  • Replacing windows
  • Painting exterior trim
  • Exterior handrails
  • Side Patio Project… read my plans here.

These are all very vital things that need done. Amazingly, our windows have been ordered and will be installed very soon! First check off my list! Hurrah! If we get all of these things done, the exterior of our home will be DONE! Can you believe it? I can’t. I’m sure the neighbors will be happy!!

Something that comes as no surprise, I have some renovation/decor goals.  I know, calm down.

Here are a few:

  • Refresh master bedroom
  • Creating a closet wall in the master
  • Gallery wall in dining room
  • A few DIY roman shades for particular windows
  • Organzing the pantry
  • Creating new flower beds in the front yard this spring.

These are all very doable projects. The hardest part about any of them is simply deciding what I really want. I have an endless amount of ideas from everyone’s most loved/hated friend, Pinterest. Especially when it comes to my master.

I would love an upholstered headboard. Preferably a slipcover that I could easily slide off when I want my wood headboard back.

Something like this:

Bed by Anthropologie

Or this:

Bed by AmberInteriors

I also want to update the closet in my room. It is an awkward closet that doesn’t use the space well. There is some dead space next to it that could easily be consumed by closet. Something like these images I found on Pinterest:



So on to the dreamy projects that probably won’t happen:

To be completely honest, the only reason I even mention this idea is because it is something that we would love to do and would make our home amazing. Like, super amazing! At first it was just talk. Nothing serious. Recently it has come up more and more in our conversations. (maybe it is because I bring it up more often). I get so excited I can barely contain myself. Courtney talks about it with a cold sweat. It is a huge project and would nearly move us out of our home.

Here it is: Our office, kitchen and a small bedroom we use as an office all share one long wall. The basement stairs are right in the middle of it all. Our dream would be to relocate the stairs, tear out that non-load bearing wall and make a living/ kitchen/ dining space. Because we have a hip roof, a vault is almost a requirement. The shape of the ceiling would be stunning! Our stone fireplace in the living room goes all the way up through the roof, so we would have that feature as well.

It would be exciting because it would give us the freedom to design a kitchen just for us and how we want to live. After living in open concept for many years, I am not the biggest fan of it. So we would be able to create spaces that were open yet defined. I love the design challenge!

“1960’s ranch remodel” KGA Studio Architects Louisville, CO

It could look like this, right??

Well hey, a girl can dream.


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