Big Girl Room Reveal

Well folks, I actually did it…I forced myself (and my husband) to finish the “Big Girl Room”. If you are just checking in for the first time, I discussed all the big plans in this post¬†and shared my inspiration moodboard.

After I wrote that post we moved my daughter into the room so she could start getting a better night sleep. That made the makeover that much more difficult. Instead of being able to put the kids to bed and burn the mid night oil I had to fit working on her room into random hours here and there in the middle of the day. Never fear, I succeeded, it just took me a few weeks longer than I had originally planned.

I made sure this project stayed on budget and diligently re-used products we already had. Since we are waiting to buy a house next year I wanted to be smart about how much spend¬† to decorate this home. You never know what will work in the next house, or how the layout will be – so my goal was to give our girl a fresh new space that met her criteria- “Hearts, ice cream, pink and bows”-¬† It was super exciting when the room came together and still felt cohesive despite using copious amounts of pink and items I have had in the garage for years. Who doesn’t love using up things they have had sitting around for ages!?!

So here it is!

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One thing I decided during this project is that I over committed to the number of pom-poms I ended up having to make. Holy cow did my hands hurt. I ended up using 4 skeins of yard to add pom-pom’s to the pillow cases and duvet. To save money I went through my linen closet and re-used an older white duvet and shams. This is a 6 year old’s room after all…which in my house means someone will accidentally leave a marker or spill craft paint on it.

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But man oh man are they cute or what?!

My daughter couldn’t be happier with the new floating bookshelves, I’ve noticed an increase in reading every night. She climbs into bed with a few books and turns on her wall sconce to read. She seems so grown up when she does that, I love that I get to watch it.

I built these floating bookshelves and they were a fast, cheap and gratifying little project. Since I could not find the appropriate length for her wall I did a little research and realized they are quite simple to build with a few wood working tools. What do you think?

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I reserved the top shelf for clipboard’s to showcase the many works of art she brings home. We will also add a morning and evening checklist to help with back to school routines next month. I am still on the hunt for the right one to fit our needs before school starts.

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In addition to the floating shelves we added another cute functional piece on the adjacent wall. This “I love you” sign was in the clearance section of Target, so I snagged it and the jacket/bag hooks. Now her backpack and jacket have a designated spot, instead of having to search through the whole house to find them every day.

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It was hard not being able to change any of the paint on the walls, because at times I desperately wanted to break out my paint brush. Looking at the room completed now I feel like the decorative additions blended well with the warm wall color. Granted I would have rather painted the whole space…but that is part of being a renter…sometimes you have to work with what you got!

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A few more details… I built these night stands from scratch as part of a wood working class I took for fun. To this day I still love them and it makes me happy I can share them with my daughter, and any guests who stay in this room. I added a few little personal touches to make the room special for my little bug. That is an abalone jewelry box that my mother gifted to her and a little piece of artwork we recently picked out together at an art fair. I love how she is growing and expressing herself and I think it is amazing I can share my love for design with her.

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So what do you think, does it feel like the moodboard? I hope you like it! Stay tuned for a sources and budget breakdown list later this week.


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