The Stenciled Side Patio- Phase 1

I have been working like mad on the patio. Painting, stenciling, building, designing. It has been so much fun, but with the recent deadlines it has been a bit intimidating.

I love a good challenge and deadlines really get me moving.  I started the prep for painting with a party about 3 weeks off. No big deal.

pre paint

start paint

Then as we got the first coat of paint down, the deadline moved up 10 days to accommodate another party for a visiting family member. I had to get the stencil done pretty fast. I have to admit, I have never stenciled anything. I have watched over my moms shoulder when I was young but that was the extent. As usual I was taking on a huge project on a short time frame. Or at least that is what I was repeatedly told by people who had an opinion on the subject.

Then came the rain……A lot of rain. At one point I didn’t think I would even be able to get it started, much less done in 10 days!

Finally it dried up- enter the paint disaster.

I had always planned on doing a black and white patio. Unfortunately patio paint tinted dark was super watery. There was no way I could use it to stencil. I shopped around a bit to see if this was the case in other patio paint brands, but all seemed runny. I was so short on time that I had to make a quick decision on a lighter tone, in a different thicker base. I went with this paint. 

start stencil

I used every dry minute to stencil.

I think it turned out nice however I still plan on adding black on particular stars to give it some depth. Hence phase 1.

I have exactly 5 days to do this before my next party.

Wish me luck.

patio 1

patio 3

patio 4


UPDATEread here to see how the patio paint held up one year later!

12 thoughts on “The Stenciled Side Patio- Phase 1

  1. Thinking about stenciling my own patio…then I saw your post on the dark patio paint as I was too planning on black and white. I thought I read that you could use regular exterior paint as long as you put 2-3 coats of sealer on top. Do you know if that’s true? I do like your lighter color though. Turned out great!

    1. We heard the same thing and did a test swatch of several exterior paints we had on hand. Then my husband pressure washed the area a couple days later and it washed away! So I think a sealer could help, but I’m not sure how durable it would be. It wouldn’t work on our patio because of the heavy debris from trees we get everyday. We have to pressure wash regularly. Hope that helps!! Thanks for reading too?

      1. Hi there. I’m so disillusioned with our inherited patio. I’ve done lots to it but the paving stone path is so drab. It gets quite grimy over the winter so I have to pressure wash it in spring every year. Your post has inspired me and I hope that I could potentially do something like this without it being washed off each year.
        Could you please share your paint brands? Or tell me where you may have already posted about that? – I don’t know where to start!
        Thank you in advance!

      2. We used Lowe’s valspar porch paint and had it tinted the colors we wanted. It has held up remarkably well! I was always so embarrassed about my patio before we painted it. It has truly transformed it! I hope this helps!

    1. Of course!
      Valspar’s Grismill greige for the stenciled color.
      Valspar’s Accessible beige for the base color.
      Krylon colormaxx indoor outdoor satin black quart was the accent paint.
      They have held up remarkably well!!

  2. Hi ! Can you please tell me what material your stencil was? I’m currently doing our patio and the paint bleeds through the stencil!


    1. It is a heavy weight plastic. I had trouble with it bleeding at the edges first. The original paint I bought was like water and just drained everywhere! But I returned it and bought a thicker paint. After that I had no trouble with bleeding. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi, what size stencil did you purchase? The large or extra large? Also what brush did you use?

      2. I used the extra large stencil and a stencil brush from Lowe’s. I’m not sure the brand anymore as all the packaging has been recycled. Hope that helps!

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