Stenciled Patio Cost Breakdown

You have seen the last patio post with the dramatic before and afters. But now we are going to talk money. How much did the stenciled patio cost you ask? Here is the breakdown.

Before this project even started, I knew I did not want to spend all of our savings on this patio. Some, maybe most, people would have removed the old concrete pad and laid something new. I knew this concrete had a few more years left in her, with some TLC. So out came the stencil and paint! 

So what did we do? Read this post to see what we had planned before we even started. Read this post to see the progress and what actually happened. 

I was a bit hesitant to write this. I am not one to talk about how much money I spent on something. However, I was pretty excited about this cost breakdown. I love low budget transformations- but this seems to be the winner! The transformation is drastic!

So here we go: 

Stencil: $28.90 with shipping. I ordered the extra large stencil (16×16). This company where I purchased mine has sales all the time on stencils. 

Patio/Concrete paint and supplies: (5 gallons) $169 with tax

Outdoor table: $15! (amazing auction find) 

Treated lumber for benches: $90

Pillows, chairs and accessories were all things on hand. Everything got spread out a bit rather than stuffed on our deck. 

Grand total of stenciled patio cost: $302.90 

We went from this: 



To this:




I am so excited about the transformation at such a low cost! Do understand that if I had hired this out the cost would have gone way up. I was able to keep costs low by getting on my hands and knees and painting the days away. Also some incredible finds on outdoor furniture helped make the whole area come together. 

I am amazed at how versatile this patio has become. I have been moving things around non stop to accommodate whatever we have going on. One of our bigger parties had 31 people and we all fit pretty well! 


view from upper patio
black outdoor chairs with a black and white buffalo plaid tablecloth stands out nicely with the greenery behind
two tables put together to create a long banquette
little hands helping setup


We still have a couple projects to do on this side of our home. I feel comfortable with the budget spent so far to add them considering how low the stenciled patio cost was. I refuse to overspend, or over improve, which I feel we are far from at this point. 

So now I am off to the design board for a privacy wall and pizza oven/fireplace. 

Let the pizza parties begin!! Hurrah! 






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