DIY Pizza Oven

We didn’t take much time at all to enjoy our newly refreshed patio. The DIY pizza oven was one of those exciting projects that we couldn’t wait to get going on. 

I fully intend to do a full tutorial of what and how we did it all. For now we are going to take a look at our progress so far. 

So that we are all clear…. my first demand was a BIG oven. Whole Foods oven sort of BIG.  I have three hungry kids that will not be very happy if they have to wait for their personal pizza while their sibling is eating theirs. So because of that, it needed to be big enough to accommodate a large pizza or 3 small at once. 

DIY Fireplace or DIY pizza oven? I really wanted both, but in reality there isn’t enough room. So we designed a pizza oven that (hopefully) will have a fireplace look. The opening will be at table height and larger than you might normally see on a typical oven. 

We haven’t completely determined the height. Its going to be “freestanding fireplace” kinda tall…. but how tall? That will be a game time decision. 

Here is what we have done so far: 

Setting the first row in place
Using adhesive to glue blocks together
First section done before concrete slab! Hooray!

Getting prepped for pouring the concrete slab.
Concrete slab and next row up complete!


Our project tonight was getting the firebricks soaking in water. This step is so they wont pull the moisture out of the mortar needed to lay them. And soon as they are ready to go, we will be putting them in place. 

After that we will be building up the walls a bit further, putting on the roof and skimming the entire oven with a Santa Barbara finish. 

I am so excited to get moving on this oven and make some pizza! 



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