Surf Shack Pirate theme little boy room refresh

If you have been reading for a while you probably remember my daughter’s Heart room makeover. In our last house both kids shared a tiny bedroom. When we decided to move, one of our goals was to get a house with enough bedrooms so that each kid could have their own room. I talked a lot about the reasons in the linked post above, but long story short separating them meant that everyone would get more sleep. We took on Big sisters room first since it was our previous guest room furniture and the whole room desperately needed some attention. She was also going to start school soon and I wanted her adjusted to her new space before the year started. I knew then that my sons room would come next and I decided on a surf shack theme. Since we live in San Clemente, have views of the ocean from our house and frequent the beach it seemed appropriate. So, with that in mind, as I saw things that could work in his space I started picking them up on clearance and stock piling.

We moved in last April, didn’t hang any artwork, threw the furniture wherever we could and have pretty much ignored this room since then. That is why the before pictures are pretty sad…


Once in the room and looking back from the other direction:

I recently talked to my landlord and they gave me the go ahead to paint this room a neutral gray or white, I am so excited to get rid of this “buttercream” color and start with a blank slate. I narrowed down a few choices I need to throw up on the wall. I love the crisp look of a white room…but I am leaning towards a warm gray since this little boy can be a bit messy and I don’t want to constantly be cleaning the walls with magic erasers.

When I started thinking about his room, these were a few of the images that stood out to me. I loved the clean simplicity of the neutrals and how they added depth with pattern. Since he is just a little guy I am going to interject a little more whimsy and color. Since I decided to re-do this room he has also developed a love for pirate ships and “ocopuses”…so our surf shack needs to make some room for a pirate ship and sea creatures 😛

I thought this room below was quite adorable and I plan on adding some of my own whimsy starting with this print from urban outfitters that made my little guy laugh out loud and ask “Was Dat?!?”…I’m pretty sure he still thinks the sloths are cats…hahaha… I’ve also got a plan to mimic the feel of that surf board with an old skim board I picked up at a garage sale for a few dollars. Stay tuned for how that turns out ;P

So I took all of these ideas and put together a simple moodboard using items I had collected…and Items that are laying around the house that I’d rather use than sell or donate. 

So here is what we have, A blue and gray faded wool rug that used to be in our living room – Ideally it will cover most of the ugly brown carpet. The existing Ikea white bedding he has been using (I love white for kids – you can bleach the heck out of it).

I picked up a Room and Board natural steel Piper bed on Craigslist a few months ago and it has been sitting in our garage. We’ve owned that ikea dresser since he was born – I might replace the knobs to give it a bit of a facelift. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a different dresser altogether, but until I find a good deal on a quality piece this ikea dresser is staying.

I have an old console table gifted to me that needs two shelves added and a fresh coat of paint so Rhett has a proper toy/bookshelf.

Here are some of my thrifted accessories.

Next on my agenda is finalizing the layout. Due to the window placement I am leaning towards Option 1 or 3. I love the idea of option 2 – but I am a little concerned my monkey of a son will use the bed to climb up onto the window sill. Since this is a second story bedroom it isn’t worth the risk. If you are wondering why option 3 is identical to 4, I’m just lazy and forgot to delete it from my Autocad file 🙂

So there you have it my friends! I’m hoping to finish up his room by the end of the month. I’ll be posting and storying on Instagram @relativerenovations if you are interested in watching the process.

What are your thoughts? Is a surf shack pirate theme too much, should I have just stuck with one option?

Talk soon – Rocky




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