the radiant Collection by Legrand review

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Our home was built in 1954. The outlets and switches were cutting edge….. in 1954. Very little had changed until now. Thanks to the radiant Collection by Legrand that is about to change. The results have transformed our space. Here is what we think of them….

We were approached by Legrand to install the radiant collection in our home. It is clean, modern, and came in some really fresh color choices. The radiant collection offers things like built in USB ports, nightlights and home automation options. Compared to what we had this seemed like options from an alternate universe! 

I was so excited to get this done in our living room! 

Throughout our home we had black colored switches and two pronged almond colored outlets. Blah. We decided to go all white with options in the outlets. This is what we chose:

Nightlight Option
USB Option
Light Switches 


I love how clean and modern they are, don’t you? And look, no screw heads! Hurrah! 

They were really easy to install. If you have any hesitation however, always call your electrician. We first turned off the electricity to the living room. We double checked before moving on, then installation began.

A screwdriver is all you really need. Our installation required just a couple extra tools, only because the electrical was old and outdated. These are common tools that any electrican would have readily available. 

Once you have the old device out you simply have to push the exposed wire into the quick connect on the back of the device. Your next step is to screw it back to the wall. I let Courtney do this part. The very satisfying snapping of the cover plate was my job 🙂

In my opinion, my favorite part of “the radiant Collection” is the built in nightlight on the outlets. The light is very big and has adjustable light settings. It really brightens up a dark corner at night, brighter than other built-in nightlights I have seen. I plan on installing them in my children’s room and hallways asap!

Would you like to see before and afters? 



So there you have it! Our living room is now is the current century. We love how something so simple can make everything seem modern and new.

Thanks Legrand! 




Warning: This project is completely at your own risk, and we take no responsibility for any mishaps you may have as a result of this post. Please be careful and consult a certified electrician if you are in any doubt.


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