Fall 2018 ORC Week 1 – Rocky’s Master Bedroom


If you are looking at this and thinking “Didn’t I already see Relative Renovations post about their master bedroom revamp for the oneroomchallenge?!?” Then you would be absolutely correct. Earlier this week Ashley wrote this post  about her big plans to transform her bedroom. She had beautiful mood boards and already started the process of wall papering and procuring lighting.

I was torn about participating this round…but then I realized it was just the kick in the pants I needed to get my ish together. Just to confuse everyone I decided I’m also going to refresh my master bedroom. We moved into our rental six months ago and the first room I tackled happened to be this dining room for last Spring’s ORC. Since then I have worked on all the other important rooms in the house – family room, play room, daughters room and sons room. Sadly our room has been treated as a glorified dumping ground for laundry, kids toys and left over frames. So even though I am a bit behind and have not pre-planned anything for the design or layout – I am going for it. This girl is done with not having lighting in half of her bedroom. So without further ado, I will be participating in this round of the One Room Challenge also:

In addition to Ashley and I, make sure to follow along with the other ORC participants as they transform their spaces. I was so inspired by everyone’s beautiful room transformations and hard work last round. 


This morning I grabbed my husband and made him look through inspiration images with me. He is super supportive of my design decisions, but generally has a strong opinion about what we do in our home. These were his top picks for bedroom inspiration. I am definitely sensing a theme. Amazing rug – check, white bedding – check, minimal bedframe – check. 

Photos 1/2/3

I am gonna go off on a bit of a tangent now… I have always loved my husband’s style. One of the things that really attracted me to him when we were first together was the way he decorated his apartment. As silly as that sounds it  was such a reflection of his taste, interests and passions… and all the things I grew to love about him.

The apartment was in a cool 100 year old building in downtown Long Beach, half the apartment had legit brick walls and gorgeous old moulding. The ceiling height was around 12′ tall, so the 500 SF apartment felt huge. I had never seen anything quite like it in real life because finding a loft-like space in Southern California is like finding a needle in a haystack. On the east coast this is like a dime a dozen, but not here. He had custom mixed a bone white paint, with hints of burnt sienna and gray undertones. The old floors were a very dark almost ebony finish (he refinished them when he moved in). His furniture was minimal and he used the 100 year old built-ins to store most things, but the pieces he selected were rich in patina and texture. There were antiques he had found at flea markets, a DIY platform bed frame with white bedding, Rich burgundy velvet drapes hung against a 100 year old brick wall. With the help of his mom’s sewing skills they had re-purposed the curtains from a movie theater going out of business. The cabinets were sparsly decorated with items from his world travels, tea and artwork from China, alpaca sweaters and throws from Peru, incense from Chile. He was like my decorating and traveling soul mate…and handsome too! How I wish I had taken pictures of that space all those years ago…but being a new girlfriend that would have probably been pretty stalker-ish. So the memory of that cool apartment will have to just live in our minds.

I tell you all of this to help you see that what I do to our bedroom actually matters to him. He is super easy going, so if I am pretty passionate about a design choice he let’s me have my way. However, I want this space to reflect us…and for that reason I am going to go out of my comfort zone and make this a space he really likes. It’s not that I don’t love his inspiration pics, they are just not my general vibe. I like more clean and modern lines…I guess my style is a bit more formal and masculine:

Photos 1/2/3


So right off the bat I see a few similarities between our styles.

  1. White bedding
  2. Gorgeous rug at the foot of the bed
  3. Light or white walls
  4. Pillows, Pillow, Pillows (even if he acts like he doesn’t like them)

Now this is only going to address one side of our room. I should probably pop in some before photos so you understand the size and weirdness of our space.

When you get to the top of our stairs you turn left into our bedroom. The bed and office nook are located to the left.

At the top of our staircase is our Bedroom Door.
When you turn right there is our current bedroom setup

Front view of our bed.

Little Desk nook off to the left.

That I am hoping can look a little more like this image from Pinterest.


When you walk into the door to the bedroom and turn right there are existing built in bookcases, a fireplace and little sitting area with TV.


I feel like there is so much potential with this space. I imagine lightening the backs of the bookcases with a removable wall paper or paint on foam board. Maybe I’ll use some peel and stick tiles on the fireplace and add a wood mantel.

Just as a reminder, this is a rental…so I need to be careful about what changes I make ( i.e no permanent painting of the built in’s – even if I desperately want them to be white). I got the ok to paint the walls as long as they are a neutral color…so say goodbye to the crappy butter cream color!

Overall here is my list for the next 5 weeks

  • Have a garage sale and sell the bed, rug, extra frames and odd’s and ends. What doesn’t sell goes to goodwill.
  • Purchase 
    • New Bed
    • Bedding
    • Rugs
    • Curtains
  • Select paint color and paint the entire room
  • Select removable wall paper or paint for office nook/bookcases
  • Build Mantel
  • Add shelves to office nook and finish desk
  • Style shelves
  • Add vinyl peel and stick tiles to the fireplace
  • Paint cabinet under tv
  • Organize built in cabinets
  • Frame sentimental artwork

I am sure there is more…but I probably won’t finalize those details until later this week when I really develop the plan and budget. As always, I need to keep this room refresh lean since we are saving our pennies for buying a house at the end of this lease. Ideally, I will only invest in items I can take with me when we move.

Check back in next week for more details. You can also follow along on Instagram and watch the progress happen real time! Talk soon friends!


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