ORC Week 2 – Rocky’s Master Bedroom

So my friends, here I am on week two of my Master bedroom revamp. If you are just joining into the One room challenge saga, stay tuned for a wild and crazy ride where a bunch of different designers transform one room over the course of six weeks. You can click here and here to check out what all the other featured and guest participants are up to. I love this bi-annual friendly competition, it is a treasure trove of design inspiration and motivation.

This week was less than productive on my end. Unfortunately my husband came down with the flu and it has severely limited my ability to work in our room. Since I could not do much physical work on the room this week I spent a ton of time online shopping…and haven’t actually pulled the trigger on one thing…wahh wahh…

If you read my week 1 post here, than you probably remember why I feel like my husband’s opinion on how our room turns out matters. To be honest, I may not have thought this one through. Involving him in the decision making process has infinitely slowed everything down. We can’t agree on a bed to save our lives 🙁 He loves platform beds, I don’t. He is willing to compromise on a four poster bed, I don’t see this as a compromise…lol…so this is where we are at. I found two beds that are possible contenders. One from anthropologie  shown below,

This option from CB2

They are both similar to a platform bed, and I love the idea of a live edge slab for my headboard. The problem you ask? Well, they are both sized for a king mattress and I have a Cal King. Since I live and die by my mattress (i.e. I would not fathom replacing it), I reached out to both companies to find the maximum mattress size the beds can handle. So for now we wait. I am also looking into the option of DIY-ing our bed frame. I know this is a bit crazy…but I built our last bed and the banquette for my last one room challenge. So I think I have it in me, but buying something finished is pretty appealing.

When I went down the rabbit hole, formerly known as Pinterest, I found a few images that just slayed me. The wood worker in me cannot get away from loving on a gorgeous live edge slab.

 The first linked originally from here.

and the second image…

The warmth and texture they bring to these bedrooms are 100%. 

So that is where I am at friends. I’m sorry it is a slow week for you following along, you can’t win every week. Creating a line by line schedule with clear deadlines will probably help me focus in the upcoming weeks. Back to making chicken soup and taking care of sick people!


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