Week 3 ORC – Rocky’s Master Bedroom Makeover

Well my friends, here we are, half way through the oneroomchallenge. I kind of feel like a massive failure this go around. It would seem like nothing is working in my favor and the universe is trying to tell me that my ugly/dimly lit room is perfectly fine. If you are just jumping on here you may want to check in on some backstory and read my oneroomchallenge Week 1 and Week 2 posts. Better yet, you should check out all the amazing posts by the people who are actually making progress on their rooms here.

If you happen to follow along on instagram than you know that my husband came down with a flu and completely took over our room for most of the week. This was no 24 hour thing, he ended up being sick for over 8 days…which in itself was concerning…but really threw me behind on my room. The plan was to have everything painted by now, instead we are planning on doing that this weekend.

With my room being used as a quarantine facility I decided I would focus on my shopping and DIYing. First up was my attempt to find a live edge slab to use as my headboard (also discussed in my last post). My adorable side kick and I drove 45 minutes and found a really cool shop.


The piece shown on the left would have been perfect and once sanded down it would look a lot like the piece on the right. The only glitch was that the piece was going to cost me $550 and then I would still have to figure out a way to turn it into a headboard. As I have discussed in past posts, we are trying to save all the $$ we can for the next house we buy. So I was having a hard time reconciling spending this much when I was going to still have to build it and put hours of effort in. After our little excursion I thought about it and decided this was not the direction I wanted to go for this project. So the live edge headboard dream died for now.

I contacted anthropologie again about the king bed I liked and still no answer – so I decided that bed was out for good. Next I started stalking Craigslist, Offerup and Letgo searching for the elusive “Cal King”…and I actually found something we both liked. A used bed by Restoration Hardware. So I made arrangements to drive out after I hit the flea market in Pasadena that upcoming Sunday.

Sunday rolls around and my friend and I drive hours to get to the location, only to be seriously disappointed by the quality of the bed. The steel frame wobbled a lot and felt kind of flimsy. In addition, there were gross stains in the steel from what we guessed was people’s greasy heads touching the headboard. Seeing that pretty much put the nail in the coffin for me and I knew this was not the bed. Let me tell you, it was hard to drive away after putting in so much effort to get a truck and drive hours from home. If I had caved and bought the bed I think I would have been more upset with myself for buying something I didn’t love. So as we made the long trek home I decided that I was going to keep it simple and re-use my existing custom bedframe. The dimensions are right, it is free and my husband still likes it. I am however going to spice it up with a new headboard fabric – I ordered six linen/oatmeal colored velvet samples and they are on their way. Hopefully one of them will be the right fit for our headboard. Here is my current bed in case you are just following along.

Enough about the big bed debacle, let’s talk about earlier that morning. My friend and I woke up at 4:30 am to hit the Rose Bowl flea market. My goal was to find some amazing seating  options for my sitting room, new fabric for pillows on our bed and our etsy shop and possible a bed?!? I lay my eyes on this beauty the minute I walk in the gate…

It was such a unique chair, I loved the steel frame and the leather hide. The seller and I bartered and agreed to $250. I paid him and we discussed that I would swing back by to grab it on our way out. At this point my friend and I are riding on that first purchase high and continue on our merry way, I find some amazing mudcloth fabrics to use in my oneroomchallenge room…

Then we stumble across Emily Henderson shopping for accessories. I went total fangirl on her and told her how much I love and admire her work…I then tell her how I followed her and Brady’s tutorial to build my banquette for the oneroomchallenge last season, here if you are interested. She was genuine and sweet and I really enjoyed the two minutes we chatted 😛

After all this fun, it is time to leave the flea market, so I head back to grab my chair and the seller gives me some BS story about how he wasn’t supposed to sell the chair and he is really sorry – he then proceeds to hand me back my cash while I stand there slack-jaw in disbelief. Are you kidding me dude?!?! I think he pretty much went and sold the chair for a better price right out from underneath me. Lesson learned – do not leave your thrifted treasure with unscrupulous people. I was pretty bummed out that this happened because I had spent the previous few hours planning how I was going to style this piece and was so excited to get it home.

So as a recap – I devoted most of my week to finding a new bed and in the end decided to use what I had. I found fabric to use for throw pillows. Someone stole my chair from underneath me and I got no physical work done in my space. I actually thought about quiting the ORC this week when I felt like maybe the universe was telling me now is not the time. In reality I don’t even believe in that crap – I was just feeling worn down and the hunt was no longer fun. The whole room was just feeling like work that I didn’t want to do. Then I reminded myself, what if this was your client “you wouldn’t just give up when the project is hard”…”So what if you are trying to do all of this on a tight budget and nothing is exactly what you would buy new”… I tossed these ideas around in my head for a few days when I saw Mandi at www.vinatgerevivals.com post her daughter’s bathroom reveal and a tutorial on a paint by numbers mural. This image was all the motivation I needed to stay in the game.

So with her tutorial I called Sherwin Williams and ordered 16 quart sized paint samples and once my project arrives I will be tackling this beauty in my desk space. That’s it peeps, quite a rollercoaster of a week if you ask me. I hope all the other participants are enjoying their makeovers and making lots of headway. Hopefully I can catch up and make it through to the finish line.


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