ORC Week 4 – Rocky’s Master Bedroom

Hi Everyone, Rocky Here!

Week 4 has been quite the week for my ORC Bedroom makeover. In my last post I discussed how I had finally made some major decisions and was moving forward with the plan for my bed and I found major inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers. Well here I am to update you on the goings on.

If you are just checking in that I wanted to let you know I am participating in the One Room Challenge held bi annually. Check out all the amazing participants and their projects using this link. Or look for this symbol on other people’s makeover posts.

The Desk Nook

This week I put a ton of effort into transforming the little desk nook adjacent to my bed into a workable space. As a reminder when I started the project my little “office” look a bit like this.


Charming isn’t it….Yeah I know…it’s hideous. So I set out to first purge the space and then paint a mural I had seen on Vintage Revivals, tutorial here. I bought sixteen difference paint colors from Sherwin Williams and used a projector to project the paint by numbers photo on the back of the desk space. Then I lightly traced the image onto the wall using a free hand technique. The next step was to paint every other region, let it dry, paint a second coat, let it dry and then move onto the adjacent color slivers.

This process took me the better part of the day. I would slowly chip away color by color until I finished the entire mural. If you could devote a solid chunk of time I would probably say to plan on taking 3-4 hours on a project of this nature.

When I completed the last portion of the mural I decided that I had missed my calling and probably should paint mural’s for a living. I loved the whole process and seriously enjoyed all the steps. I have so much paint left over that I decided this mural is going to re appear somewhere else in my room later in the challenge. Stay tuned for it, I think it’s gonna be good 🙂

Once completed my husband changed replaced the outdated light fixture and hung a new modern pendant. I was going to add a shelf behind the pendant, but I have fallen in love with the clean and simple space with just the mural. So this is how it will stay. I need to add a few coats of poly on the desktop and a few shelves to the side walls and I can call this little area complete.



I shopped and shopped for a rug this week. It was disappointing and exhausting. I ended up finding this rug on etsy for a reasonable price. In the picture below it has more of a mustard hue but in real life it ended up being a pinkish salmon color. I’m not thrilled with it, but shipping it back to Turkey isn’t an option. So lesson learned, when rug shopping try to see your merchandise first hand before you commit…sigh…

We also painted a black accent wall behind our bed this week. It adds a serious depth to the room and looks amazing. My headboard fabric samples arrived and I am having a bit of a dilemma selecting the right fabric. I’m narrowing down my options and plan on reupholstering the headboard sometime next week. I still haven’t decided on the fabric choice…its a tough call.

There you have it, week 4 complete! Hopefully this next week I can be super productive and really bring this room to the finish line. Thanks for all the comments and cheering me on. It really helps keep momentum on the project when I have so many people encouraging me!

If you are not following along with Ashley’s room renovation you must. Here is a link to her latest post. She also made a ton of progress this week and is killing it with her clean and modern vibe!

Talk to you all soon!

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