Patio Stencil Update- One Winter Later

If you remember last summer we did a stencil on our side patio. The concrete was old and wore out. It was an embarassment really. So how has the patio held up through the long winter??

The before pictures we have are after an intense cleanup. Seriously, this patio was a mess! It sits underneath pine and walnut trees that drop an unreal amount of debris.

So if your haven’t read the stenciled patio post, please do so here. You can see our progress, what materials we used and the final reveal.

So because of that we knew we were limited on what we could actually do with the patio. So we decided on a stencil and simple furnishing that could either be washed or stay outdoor all year.

We used Valspar’s porch paint. We had no idea how well it would last our harsh winters and constant debris. With this in mind we throughly prepped the concrete by a good pressure washing.

When it was very dry, we put on the first coat of our base color. Once that was dry I started adding the stencil.

I ended up doing the stencil one more time with a contrasting black for an added pop.

I can say now that I was soooo excited when we cleaned up a portion of the patio last weekend!

There is almost no difference between a photo from last year and now! I am thoroughly impressed with this Valspar porch paint. I had low expectations, assuming nothing could make this concrete last another few seasons. Isn’t paint wonderful??

So what wouldn’t we do again?

The biggest thing I wouldn’t do is use red chalk to make a straight line. We had no idea that red is permanent. We usually always use blue, but we had red on hand and used it. After we did, my father in law walked over and said “Well ya, red is there forever.” I wish he would have said something when he saw us about to snap the red line. It was an honest mistake, but who would have known? Maybe everyone now that I think about it! haha

Other than that I would do it all over again! I am considering my front steps and sidewalk. What do you think?

Now back to my kitchen…


3 thoughts on “Patio Stencil Update- One Winter Later

  1. Hi! I love your patio makeover and am thinking of doing something similar with my space. Do you know what colors of the valspar paint you used? Thanks!

    1. Hi Caitlin! Yes, the colors we used were valspar’s Accessible Beige as the base coat
      and Grismill Greige as the stencil color. And the black was Krylon colormaxx indoor outdoor satin black quart. We are amazed at how well they have lasted!! I highly recommend valspar’s patio paint.

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