Spring 2019 ORC Week 2- Ashley’s Kitchen

Week 2 already! We made progress this week but we are just a tad behind schedule. Take a look and see what we accomplished this week for the Spring 2019 ORC.

So if you missed last week, click here to see before photos of the kitchen, some progress already made, and our moodboard.

A few things have changed. The biggest is the choice of cabinetry. We intended to go with a dark blue inset cabinet. However when the sample finally arrived, we felt it was way to bright blue for our space. We loved the sample in black, but it was the exact finish of the Ikea Kungsbacka cabinet. And Ikea was 1/3 of the price. So it was a no brainer.

We still intend to do black concrete countertops. We have a friend who is a true artist when it comes to concrete and we have him helping us along the way. They are going to be amazing!

We were able to frame up the “stove cove” wall and the hood has begun. We still need to tweak some things before drywall. Our drywall finisher is coming Tuesday so we have to finish by then.

You can see on both ends where we will have french doors. The left side will be my pantry. We are removing that door and wall and doubling the size of the pantry!! Happy Dance!

The right side of the cove will also have a new door. We are removing the current door to the breezeway and closing up the door leading to my sons bedroom. There are entirely to many doors in one small space!!

We made good progress this week, and even thought we are slightly behind schedule, if our drywaller comes on time we should be able to make it up. Here’s to hoping!! haha!

Follow along all the other ORC participants for week 2 here.

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7 thoughts on “Spring 2019 ORC Week 2- Ashley’s Kitchen

  1. Really loving your project so far! We love the look of concrete too although I’m drooling over the idea
    Of a black concrete. So excited to see this come together! We too are doing a big kitchen remodel in the ORC so I’m sending you all the strength in this kitchenless time ?

    1. I need all the strength I can get!! Send more ? I hope it all comes together…. for us both!

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