Spring 2019 ORC Week 5- Ashley’s Kitchen

This has been a slow and stressful week around here. Our creative juices seem to be slowing down, the stress of expenses are setting in and we are just plain tired. Week 5 of the Spring 2019 ORC has beaten us.

We did make progress even though my depressing intro may lead you to believe otherwise. Let me show you some pictures-

As you can see the island is completely built out and ready for our waterfall countertops. This is where all the mentally draining things began.

Courtney threw up piece of butcher block and an old table top for some temporary counter space. When we saw the deep tones of the wood on the black we sort of fell in love. Butcher block was in no way whatsoever what I had intended from a design standpoint. But when something looks as good as this did, you have to go with it.

Our island alone would need a 42 inch deep by 8 foot long piece- with two 42×36 inch pieces for the waterfall sides. This required a custom made piece which would run about $3,000 just for the top.

NO way.

A cheaper solution without it looking cheap is what we began racking our brains over. There were options if we were able to find solid butcher block in 8 foot pieces. We could possibly connect two pieces together, however this was a big risk. We weren’t sure how the seam would look.

This high cost for butcher block made us feel like we needed to check out stone yards to see our options as well. The only things that stood out were the unattainable pieces like Soapstone and Carrara.

Circle back to concrete. Its going to be a huge job. One that is going to trash our home even more than it is now and possibly make Courtney have a metal breakdown. ekkk!

I am very happy with the look of the stove cove! The cabinets are a perfect fit and the symmetry is wonderful.

This kitchen is going to be beautiful. Are we going to make the deadline next week? I highly doubt it. I have come to the conclusion that we could scramble and show a “finished” project next week. Or we could take the proper time needed on these last few finishes and get it right.

I prefer the latter.

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Until next week my friends-


4 thoughts on “Spring 2019 ORC Week 5- Ashley’s Kitchen

  1. We are also doing our kitchen and I feel the same way. We probably are not going to finish next week either, but we will FINISH! Your waterfall counter is going to be gorgeous!

    1. Yes- we will finish! 🙂 I just checked out your blog…. I love your butcher block! There is something so warm and home-y about about.

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