Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal

It’s time for me to share my Master Bathroom Renovation with you all! After the madness of moving and renovating I am trying to catch up on here and show you all of the progress we have made around our new house in the last three months. Its so hard to keep posts going real time in the trenches of renovating. We barely find time to buy fast food, so writing decent content pretty much flies out the window. So here it is, better late then never… I hope!

If you were able to read my post earlier this week I shared the Master Bathroom Renovation plans for our new house. We discuss why we decided to renovate the space in such a short period of time and how the existing space was not functional for our daily life. Typically I am a strong proponent of waiting to renovate a space until you have lived there for a while. By waiting it gives you time to think about location, how the light floods in the room, etc. This time I knew exactly what I needed – so I went for it with a gut reno. Here is the layout of the existing bathroom. To save money and our post tensioned slab this layout was used with new finishes:

The toilet and bath are shoved into a tiny little room to the left of the bathroom vanity. Whereas the vanity is the first thing you see from the bedroom.

If you are just here for the pretty reveal photos then feel free to scroll ahead. Whenever I jump to a reveal post I just want to get straight to the pretty pictures!

Master Bath Renovations View From Bedroom:

72" Bathroom vanity with two rounded mirrors. Black and gold accents used throughout. Floor to ceiling Terrazo Tile Backsplash.
Master Bathroom Vanity in Front of Terrazzo Tile Wall
White 72"bathroom vanity with black fixtures and brass sink hardware. Black vanity mirror. Ann Sacks Terrazzo tile.

Master Bath Renovations Looking to the Left

72" Bathroom vanity with two rounded mirrors. Black and gold accents used throughout. Floor to ceiling Terrazo Tile Backsplash. Frames by Frame it Easy.

Into the Water Closet and Shower Room

View with the door open

We added a frosted glass door to provide privacy in the toilet and shower room. At first we were worried this might feel crowded in such a small bathroom. By orienting the door to be a left hand swing out the door opens towards the empty wall and it feels very open. Since this is our master bathroom we were comfortable using a frosted glass door to let the natural light about the shower filter into the bathroom vanity room.

Black picket ceramic floor tile. 72" white marble vanity. Black Accents, frame it easy photography. Turkish towel, walnut towel hooks.
View with the door shut

Terrazzo Shower and Bathtub Combo

Ann Sacks Terrazzo tile floor to ceiling bath tub and Shower combo. Black Accents.

Master Bath Renovations Looking Right – Before and After

There you have it friends, quite the transformation. I hope you enjoyed the Master Bathroom Renovation photos! Next week I’ll be coming back with a source list for all the items we used to make this bathroom a lot more modern, functional and beautiful.

Talk soon!


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