Rocky’s Year in Review and 2020 Plans

Hello everyone! It’s hard to believe we are in the year 2020….I distinctly remember when we hit 2000 and I was a high school junior with all sorts of hopes and dreams ahead of me. I was convinced that I wanted to find a job where I traveled for work, design and engineer amazing structures like Santiago Calatrava and drive a really cool car.

While many of these dreams didn’t transpire in the way I had originally imagined (I kind of love sleeping in my own bed every night), they aren’t too far off. Although driving a white SUV with car seats is probably not the restored Porsche I had imagined! Ha…

Every year I like to look back and take stock of what we accomplished. It can often be surprising how much we managed to squeeze in. 2019 had a lot of big milestones. I started the year out walking into an open house and falling in love with the potential. After months of back and forth we managed to buy the house and started making plans to do some minor renovations and then move in May. Most of our projects revolved around working on the house.

2019 Completed Projects

  • Painting the entire house
  • Renovating a trailer for the side yard so my sister could stay living with us
  • Remodeling the master bathroom, which I revealed in this post.
  • Installing wood floors in the bedrooms
  • Building the pantry/laundry Room combo
  • Dining Room Makeover, which you can read up on here.

About 60% of this list was completed by the time we moved in on May 1st. The remaining 40% lingered as we slowly made progress ticking things away. Scrolling our Instagram feed is a great place to check out all the other in between projects that made it’s way into our lives last year. Overall I am grateful for what we accomplished and really happy to be settling into our new home. We have decided to take things slowly and try and enjoy the house as it evolves.

All that being said, we are still missing baseboards and like any DIY home blogger my list keeps growing. So here is our current agenda:

2020 TO-DO List

  • Garage!!!! As I write this post my garage is half torn apart as I carefully rip out old and disgusting cabinets and make way for a much more strategically planned garage storage, sports equipment and wood shop area. We are hoping to finish this project by mid February and we have given ourselves a $1500 budget.
  • Storage Shed – If you have been following on Insta you probably remember me debating about turning our outdoor storage shed into an office/art studio. The need for a designated workspace at home is getting more and more critical – so this is next on our list. I haven’t compiled a budget yet – but will check back in as we proceed. I have thought about saving this for the Spring oneroomchallenge… debate is still out on that.
  • Outdoor Deck- The hot tub, outdoor shower and shed all need to be connected by a deck. We plan on DIY-ing this in conjunction with the shed project.
  • Front Yard Face Lift.
  • Finish decorating kids rooms
  • Master Bedroom and Boys room closet project
  • Master Bedroom accent wall, replacement of window for single door, sliding barn door at bathroom opening
  • Family Room accent wall
  • Piano accent wall
  • Furnace relocation to make room for linen closet next to kids bath.
  • Kids bath Renovation

There you have it, this is a pretty comprehensive list detailing all the things I want to finish RIGHT NOW…but I am on a budget this year and going to have to build a lot myself, so it is going to take time.

In addition to the actual work I want to make sure to document and share better on here. I love building, designing and DIY so much that I want to make sure to share it with all of you. My hope is that we can have some really great conversations about all things home and DIY. So in an effort to stick to the plan Ashley and I are shooting to post 2x per week here on the blog. We have so many tutorials and past projects we are catching up on and desperately want to share.

I hope you keep following along and share in the comments if you have any major projects on the horizon for 2020!


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