Garage Plans

Garage Plans

If you have been following along in my stories on Instagram than you have been witness to the extensive garage renovation we started in early January. It took the better part of a month to just clear out the space, rip down old gross cabinets, purge, and move everything into the yard under EZ up pop up tents.

We decided to do all of this after starting our No Spend January . While trying to find and utilize what we had, more often than not we got hurt in the messy garage. It was hard to ignore that the garage was in complete shambles and we needed to make it a priority so our life could function better. So that hatched our first big project of 2020, tackling a garage renovation. Which I am finding is no small task… Let me jump right in with a photo of its current state (brace yourself):

Garage Before Photos:

I know, its bad and kind of shocking we actually manage to find anything in here. It’s also pretty unsafe to have our little kids running around trying to find their bikes and scooters amongst nails and saws.

The Garage Purge Plan

My first step in the garage renovation process was to sort through everything we had and make three big groups – KEEP, DONATE and try to SELL. If the sell items don’t go within a month then I will donate them also.

For the KEEP items I start by grouping like items together. That way I can make a list and determine what size containers I needed to store most of the items. My favorite garage storage bins are these at the container store. We buy heavy duty weathertight containers because our garage functions in a lot of different ways and it is just easier to keep the contents safe and clean this way. It’s a splurge, but one we are willing to spend on.

Next we needed to ripdown all the old shelving and wall mounted equipment. Most of it was moldy and/or smelled like Rat pee…Not only is that disgusting, but extremely unhealthy to be breathing in. My husband convinced me to hire drywallers to dry wall the ceiling and walls. I agreed which triggered our next step. Fixing and re-routing electrical in the garage. Since my husband is handy with electrical he spearheaded the DIY on this.

Garage Makeover Plan View

Below is a plan view of the Garage layout. I decided to separate the garage into 3 distinct areas. Area A is our tool bench and where the wood working will happen. Area B is for our weathertight storage containers and Area C is for our sports equipment, bikes, etc. I spent at least two days dimensioning my existing garage and ceiling height. I then input this information into a drafting program called autocad. The result is what you see below:

Elevation A is illustrating What this wall will look like once we add a Compound miter bench, room for a table saw and a charging station. I literally measured every tool we had so that I could make sure it all fit.

These are a few of the inspiration photos I used from Pinterest for my compound miter station and charging station.

Next up is Elevation B – or our massive storage wall filled with the Weathertight totes we love from The Container Store.

Can’t you imagine the photo below on the left being a full wall of storage like Mike and Modern Builds created (shown to the right). I loved this photo when I was collecting storage ideas.

The final Elevation C is showing where we store all of our sports equipment, emergency resources and eventually a deep freezer. It’ll be a combo of upper racks and wall mounted storage that will make all of our equipment accessible.

The bike storage photo shown above is located here and helped inspire the wall mounted bike storage. Eventually I’ll build us a surf rack stand like the photo here.

So that is the big Garage Renovation Plan! For the day by day jump over to our Instagram stories for where we are at. Drywalling has just been completed and we are almost ready to paint.

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