Dining Room Decor

Dining Room Decor

As you may know if you keep up with the blog, the kitchen has been a huge project this year. Remodeling that has opened up the dining room in a large way and it needed attention. So here is what we have done with the dining room decor so far.

I really wanted to keep my dining table but it was in bad shape. I tried sanding it down but there was a lot of staining. So we opted to paint it instead. It transformed the table! It has the delicate lines I love and now the black is so dramatic in the space!

dining room table, slipcover chairs, black pendant lighting

One thing I wanted to buy was new dining chairs, but as usual I want all the non-budget friendly items. This was my opportunity to create something unique for the space.

I had these chairs from Ikea. I have about 10 of them I use them primarily outdoors.

They are suprisingly sturdy chairs. So I decided to use my leftover green velvet from my ORC Master Bedroom and create French seamed slipcovers. The top portion was very simple. I made a simple padded cover that slid on the back part of the chair.

The seat portion needed a little something more to keep it secure. So I went through my stash of fabrics and found a camel colored faux leather. Thats all I needed to make tassels! I braided some leather and secured a snap closure on both ends. The tassel was made with a closed loop to allow it to accept the braid. This little accessory actually holds the whole seat cushion in place!

These simple slipcovers cost no money at all and I was able to use leftover fabric that would have otherwise sat in a box for who knows how long!

I do love the way the space is taking shape. I want to take it slow and live with the open space for a while before I make any huge decisions on how to design it.

One thing I know for sure is I love the open space!

So what do you think? Is the dining room decor coming together?

Until next time.


ORC Kitchen Remodel Cost and Source List

ORC Kitchen Remodel Cost and Source List

Its been an exhausting few months of what feels like endless renovations. But we did it! The kitchen is almost done, just a few a tweaks and finishing touches. But how much did the kitchen remodel cost?

To be honest, it was hard to calculate every penny spent. We did all of the work ourselves and we saved a ton of money along the way. So we were never handed a bill or wrote a bunch of checks.

So it started with removing the big dividing wall. Demolition was done completely by us (intense!) and debris was removed by the family business’ dump truck. So this cost us $0.

kitchen remodel cost, kitchen remodel, kitchen demolition

Putting the holes created back together consisted of a supporting beam and drywall. That cost was about $200. This was all of the drywall we needed for the entire project. This cost included the “stove cove” wall costs.

I will add in here that we did have leftover materials at our home from job sites. On the days when I feel like my property is a construction debris dumping ground, I try and remember how it can come in handy. It did save us a lot of money and we were able to keep perfectly good items out of a landfill. We had on hand plywood, studs, 2×4’s, and all the nails and screws we could ever dream of. The cost of those items can really sneak up on you!

I broke down some big money saving tricks on this post here. It includes the items we chose like flooring, appliances and cabinets. I added links to the products there and I tell you how I saved even more money than the advertised prices! Give it a look if you haven’t read it and meet me back here!

kitchen remodel cost

Here is a breakdown of my ORC Kitchen Remodel Cost:

Flooring: $200

Ikea Sektion Cabinets: $1,200

Backsplash: $60

Black Walnut Butcherblock (plus open shelving): $329

Range: $1,000

Sink: $90

Faucet: $50

French Doors: $200

Lighting: $80

Framing and Drywall Supplies: $250

Waterfall Concrete Countertops: $200

Paint: $0 (leftover from other projects)

Sub Total for Kitchen Remodel Cost = $3,659

I added links to all of these products by simply clicking on the photos. Many of the items we used were auction finds or clearance items. I have searched for the best comparable possible and added that link.

This is quick breakdown of a renovation that spanned three months so there are small purchases at Home Depot and Lowes that aren’t accounted for. Because of this I am adding another $500 in miscellaneous and decorative items.

Please keep in mind we saved $15,000 to $20,000 in labor costs by working on this project during nights and weekends. We used every resource available to us and re-used as much as possible. If you were going to take on a project like this and hire out a substantial amount of the work, you would want to add these numbers into your projected costs.

Without further ado, our personal out of pocket for this project was…

Grand Total for Kitchen Remodel Cost = $4,159.

So what do you think? Did we save in the right places? Did we get the most for our money? For our family and our needs, we think so!

We hope you have enjoyed following along on our kitchen remodel.


How To Save Money On A Kitchen Renovation

How To Save Money On A Kitchen Renovation

For the One Room Challenge this Spring, we decided to take on our kitchen. It was in great need of a renovation. In pictures it didn’t look bad, but once you started using it you realized just how old it was. As usual though, I didn’t want to break the bank renovating. So here is how we saved money on a kitchen renovation.

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Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal

It’s time for me to share my Master Bathroom Renovation with you all! After the madness of moving and renovating I am trying to catch up on here and show you all of the progress we have made around our new house in the last three months. Its so hard to keep posts going real time in the trenches of renovating. We barely find time to buy fast food, so writing decent content pretty much flies out the window. So here it is, better late then never… I hope!

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