Relative Renovations Etsy Shop

Relative Renovations Etsy Shop

It has been about a month since I wrote my One Room Challenge Reveal. That was a hectic 6 weeks and I needed a brief hiatus from blogging. But I haven’t been idle! In the past month Rocky and I reopened my old Etsy shop. Relative Renovations Etsy Shop is alive! 

I had a shop a few years back where I made crib bedding and blankets. I enjoyed the sewing and creative aspect of having it, but didn’t stick with it. At the time I had a newborn and that seriously consumed my energy!

But we are back! 

Rocky hits the local flea markets regularly and is always finding such fabulous fabrics and textile. After she bought a batch of authentic mudcloths and indigo, I got right into sewing for her one room challenge.


I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the challenge. Then in the process I made pillows for my master bedroom.

Then some more pillows.

Then some table runners.

And a couple stroller blankets! 🙂

I couldn’t stop. 🙂

So that was all the motivation we needed to get the shop back open. So please, stop by, take a look. Tell us what you think! Here is a link to our shop

Until the next project,


ORC Week 4 – Rocky’s Master Bedroom

ORC Week 4 – Rocky’s Master Bedroom

Hi Everyone, Rocky Here!

Week 4 has been quite the week for my ORC Bedroom makeover. In my last post I discussed how I had finally made some major decisions and was moving forward with the plan for my bed and I found major inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers. Well here I am to update you on the goings on.

If you are just checking in that I wanted to let you know I am participating in the One Room Challenge held bi annually. Check out all the amazing participants and their projects using this link. Or look for this symbol on other people’s makeover posts.

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Week 3 ORC – Rocky’s Master Bedroom Makeover

Week 3 ORC – Rocky’s Master Bedroom Makeover

Well my friends, here we are, half way through the oneroomchallenge. I kind of feel like a massive failure this go around. It would seem like nothing is working in my favor and the universe is trying to tell me that my ugly/dimly lit room is perfectly fine. If you are just jumping on here you may want to check in on some backstory and read my oneroomchallenge Week 1 and Week 2 posts. Better yet, you should check out all the amazing posts by the people who are actually making progress on their rooms here.

If you happen to follow along on instagram than you know that my husband came down with a flu and completely took over our room for most of the week. This was no 24 hour thing, he ended up being sick for over 8 days…which in itself was concerning…but really threw me behind on my room. The plan was to have everything painted by now, instead we are planning on doing that this weekend.

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ORC Week 2 – Rocky’s Master Bedroom

ORC Week 2 – Rocky’s Master Bedroom

So my friends, here I am on week two of my Master bedroom revamp. If you are just joining into the One room challenge saga, stay tuned for a wild and crazy ride where a bunch of different designers transform one room over the course of six weeks. You can click here and here to check out what all the other featured and guest participants are up to. I love this bi-annual friendly competition, it is a treasure trove of design inspiration and motivation.

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