Spring 2019 ORC Week One- Ashley’s Kitchen

Spring 2019 ORC Week One- Ashley’s Kitchen

Here we go again! I have officially signed up for the 2019 Spring ORC One Room Challenge. This time around I will be doing my kitchen. This is a project we just recently started. I figured, because we seem to thrive under deadlines, why not take on the kitchen and get that baby done?!?

Our kitchen was going to be a huge gut that we had been putting off for 5.5 years. To be honest I wasn’t super excited about it. But when my husband is ready to take on a project you do not say no!

So here are a few “befores” of our kitchen:

There are aspects of the old kitchen that work well. I do love the color palette and the slate floors. What I do not like in this kitchen is the small doorways into the living room and the dining room. Even though the kitchen had a nice flow between the two spaces, it ended up isolating people, especially at parties.

So here is where we are at just a couple weeks ago:

The temporary walls are up and the block wall is gone.
The new view into the kitchen and dining room.
The headers are in, the temporary walls gone. Next step is extending the floors out 3.5 feet into the dining room and moving the refrigerator into the old built in china cabinet.
The kitchen as of today!

Can you see the progression?

Our next step is building the stove cove on the wall you see above.

There is still a ton of work to do but the kitchen is already taking shape. Lets hope this deadline can keep the momentum going!

If you would like to see my moodboard for this kitchen and what finishes we have in mind, read this post.

I’m so excited to see what all the other guest participants have in store this time around on the spring 2019 ORC! Here is the link to the ORC official page.

Until next week-


Nash the Trailer

Nash the Trailer

I have always been obsessed with the idea of renovating a trailer. I specifically wanted to renovate an airstream but because budget’s are a real thing and this project needs to be completed on a tight timeline I don’t imagine an airstream is in my immediate future. Plus I have heard that renovating an air stream is a whole new level of difficult due to the compounding curves and general lack of straight lines.

The Project

So when the situation arose where my sister needed a place to live and my dad had a 27′ trailer in desperate need of a facelift, I jumped at the chance to get my hands dirty. First, I had to convince them both that tiny living was cool and that I could actually pull the project together. My sister said had she not seen my last three renovations she might have doubted my ability to do this – but because of those she had faith ;P So yesterday we drove down to my dad’s house and started tearing the old boy apart. I’m calling him “Nash” since its written across the back of the trailer – super clever right!?!?

RV Renovation, Trailer renovation, tiny living, minimalist living
Nash the Trailer – Towards Kitchen
Nash the Trailer – Looking towards the Bedroom

The Inspiration

I have been eye-ing other peoples Airstream and Trailer renovations for years. reading article after article for the best tips and tricks for restoring older trailers. So many people have used DIY to create beautiful tiny homes.

My favorite trailer inspiration photos come from
The Modern Caravan. They travel the United State transforming one airstream at a time while living in their own. The interior design of these airstreams are nothing short of stunning.

Airstream Renovation

Check out this Beauty they call “June”.

The Modern Caravan Airstream Inspiration “June”

While Nash is not going to look as grand or luxurious as these airstreams I am using them as a source of inspiration for our interior. I love how the designers used bright white paint and took the bulky RV shades off the windows. Another item I would like to include in Nash is some natural wood elements.

My other major source of inspiration is the trailer renovated by an adorable couple. You can check out all the details of their 1.5 years of living in a trailer with their family of 5. Ashley’s blog and Instagram feed, @arrowsandbow, touches on all the major hurdles of tiny living. She is so down to earth and realistic about it. I love her choice to focus on the positive and try something as different as moving her family into a tiny home.

They wrote a great article about 5 tips for renovating trailers. You can bet I have re-read that once or twice 😉 I have linked it here if you are interested, Arrows and Bow.

So there it is, we are renovating a trailer. It’s a filthy job and we have a lot of tough days of sanding, cleaning and painting ahead of us – but I am excited and can’t wait to take you along for the ride!

Here are a few more beautiful BEFORE photos!

Dining Area
Master Bedroom

Hope you follow along during our Trailer Renovation. I’d love to hear if you have any tips for trailer renovations.- Rocky